The Clubhouse

The Clubhouse

Get your customized jacket and learn the secret handshake 'cause you're officially in the club. The Clubhouse is full of freebies to get you started on your Secret Weapon journey, including the free audiobook version of the book!

4 Modules

The Well-Paid Creative Podcast

Listen to all episodes of the podcast in one convenient place!

Secret Weapon Audiobook

Download your free copy of the Secret Weapon Book in Audiobook format!

Meaningful Goal Setting Masterclass

Watch as I go through my own goal setting practice I've developed through the years and learn what I do (and don't do) that's helped me triple my income while working fewer hours each week.

Guides & Resources

Guides, freebies, templates, resources and so much more! Find them all here :)

Modules for this program 4
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